The curb acts as a common living room and lab for communities. These public spaces serve as the platform for civic dialogue to emerge and ideas to be tested and catalyzed into meaningful collective action.

But how do those ideas and actions move communities toward a more sustainable future? And what are the barriers that need to be overcome?

We hear about sustainability all the time – in the news, movies and products that we purchase – but there is often misunderstanding or hesitancy to talk about sustainability in our day-to-day lives. To overcome this challenge, there is an urgent need to bridge and illuminate those same conversations taking place in other cities, and on other curbs, all around the globe.

What is it?

“Curb to Curb, City to City” will aim to document conversations on sustainability throughout Europe with the intention to spark similar conversations to continue in other cities. This initiative will involve members of “Curbside Conversations” traveling across Europe during the summer of 2010 talking with individuals about sustainability along the way. A wide variety of audiences will be targeted to provide varied perspectives and launching points for further conversations.

In addition, the opinions and inspirations collected from the project will be used to start the online discussions network for “Curbside Conversations,” a newly formed organization seeking to create public spaces for conversations of sustainability to take place within communities. In doing so, “Curb to Curb, City to City” will ensure that the conversations which happen on a local level can connect online with others around the world and translate those discussions into real action.

The initiative will end in Istanbul, Turkey in August as members of the project participate in the 5th World Youth Congress (WYC) where they will share the stories with other delegates at the 2-week conference. WYC will host 1000 delegates from around the world and provide an opportunity for individuals to take the idea of “Curbside Conversations” back home with them to their curbs and cities around the world.

How will the conversations be…

The conversations will be conducted through a variety of means depending on the target audience, primarily:
Casual and semi-structured interviews (conversations while traveling and with communities)
Interactive events (workshops, presentations)


Conversations will be recorded through a mixture of video, written stories, and pictures. The number of people hosting the conversations and the number and range of participants will determine the methods to be used.

…and shared

The footage and stories will be posted on the “Curbside Conversations” website and social media sites to generate buzz around the newly formed organization. As stories are shared, examples will be provided on how to translate the conversations into actions through the different organizations and projects illuminated throughout the trip. These action steps may be suggested by the individuals interviewed or from the members of “Curbside Conversations” directly.

In the long term, the conversations may be used to build a short film about general understanding towards sustainability among the different groups. The conversations could also be used to publish a book or build interactive pieces such as an art exhibition, musical performance, or festival to further spread the idea of “Curbside Conversations.”

Where and who will be targeted?

Members will travel throughout Europe hitting more than a dozen countries and talking with individuals from all walks of life, including groups such as:

  • Designers
  • Sustainability Experts
  • Community Citizens, Members and Residents
  • Artists and Musicians
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Tourists/Vacationers
  • Religious Communities
  • Youth Leaders
  • And many more…
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