Ruth // System over self

This week I have been in Huntingdon, England to attend the UK Secret Garden Party, a four day arts and music extravaganza. The event attracts nearly 40,000 people from quite a mixed background and each person here brings a unique perspective on life and the world around them. During my time at the festival, I … Continue reading

Beth // Finding the focus

After spending some time in France, I’ve been working my way south towards Italy once again. Along the way, I had a lot of opportunities for meeting people on the trains. One specific person, Beth, was from Kansas in the US and was traveling with her family throughout Italy. As we started talking while waiting … Continue reading

TJ // On the extremes

Sometimes we like to think we act a lot more sustainable than we in fact are. Humans have an interesting ability to exaggerate reality at times. During my time in Taize, France, I had the chance to get to know TJ from the US. TJ is pursuing to become a priest and is concerned with … Continue reading

Aerial // Focus on now

During my time in Taize, I had the opportunity to briefly talk with Aerial from Eugene, Oregon. Intrigued by the topic of sustainability, Aerial started to share some of his thoughts on the subject with me. Aerial has been in the process of finding his true passion in life for the last few years, and … Continue reading

Kevin // Overcoming obstacles

My latest stop has been to Taize, France where I have been living with 3,000 other people and spending a lot of time talking about spirituality, faith and the connection to sustainability. The religious community has been playing more and more of a significant role when it comes to making sustainable choices that better the … Continue reading

Ben // People pressure

For the last week, I’ve been traveling throughout Italy with a group of 30 wonderful people that have quickly formed a miniature family as we travel together. We recently made it to our final spot in Venice after touring through Rome, Oviento and Florence. As I travel across Europe, I come across fascinating people not … Continue reading